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Search for Yesterday

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Set in the late 1860s, a teen boy wakes to find himself buried beneath a burnt home. With no memory of where or who he is, he digs his way out, only to discover a horrifying reality awaiting him. He sets off on a determined quest to find his past, certain that his Search for Yesterday will restore his lost sense of identity.

As he’s taken in by the Halladay family, Kid finds belonging as they accept him as one of their own. With his trusty hatchet and loyal hawk, he saves family members from kidnappings and run-ins with Indians. But when greed around discovered treasure gives birth to betrayal, it threatens to destroy everything he and his new family have fought to build, forcing Kid to choose between life and love.

Join Kid on his adventure-filled, heartwarming Search for Yesterday, and learn with him why life is meant to be lived with eyes directed forward rather than back, and that who we truly are is defined much more by what we do today, than by what we did yesterday.

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Frank S.

Search for Yesterday is a perfect blend of historical and young adult fiction with a touch of romance and adventure. I found Kid's nervous reaction around young ladies very endearing. And anyone who has had a hard time fighting their nerves around someone they find attractive will relate to his character. I also found the romantic tension between Kid and the girls very delightful. Author Quinn O. Heder did a great job in creating and portraying relatable characters with a narration style that is appealing and fantastic. He sheds light on an interesting time in American history, featuring the wild wide west with its outlaws and animals. He also gives readers great visual descriptions and enthralling characterization with perfectly crafted narration.

K.C. Finn

Author Quinn O. Heder offers a wide array of impressive elements in this immersive historical adventure, all of which are perfectly placed to deliver a concise but action-packed tale of forging a new life against impossible odds. I was particularly impressed by the use of dialogue in the work, which gave an authentic western flavor to the characters but was also really inventively used to move the plot along without bogging it down in heavy prose or backstory. As a central protagonist, Kid offers readers an exciting ongoing mystery as to his true origin and identity and is penned with empathetic narration to endear us to his flaws just as much as his triumphs. Another feature that I really enjoyed is the inclusion of just the right amount of atmospheric detail to give an immersive and cinematic sense of history, which will really help readers lose themselves in the adventure. Overall, I would certainly recommend Search For Yesterday to fans of immersive and emotional coming-of-age tales as well as readers who enjoy detailed, fast-paced westerns.

Rabia T.

Search for Yesterday has the perfect amount of angst, love, emotions, and fight to survive to make any reader leave the real world behind to find out what happens to Kid. It is a coming-of-age story with a pleasant twist of historical fiction and wild west elements to keep the story alive and interesting. Kid is smart for his age and his predicament. Through his tumultuous journey, he never once loses his mind or his hope. In fact, he remains determined to figure a way out of every issue and make sure the people he loves are happy. The narrative plays up the emotions, allows readers to soak it all in and enjoy the details. Each chapter reveals something new and gives readers a glimpse inside Kid’s mind. The depiction of the 1860s feels authentic, realistic, and very vivid. Quinn O. Heder transports readers back in time with his words. Kid’s journey is harrowing, but it is entertaining without being dull or slow. Loved it!

Steve M.

This was one of the most impactful Historical/Western novels I have ever read. It brought to life in my imagination the story of the type of family that defined and made our country a nation. It is the type of story that even years after reading it, the personality of the characters still sticks with me. I catch myself thinking about them and wondering what other adventurers they have had in their lives, as if they are real people. It is a story that I have passed on to my kids and I'm sure it will be passed on to their kids and so on for generations. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope there will be many more sequels to come.

Dylan J.

Excellent! If you love an adventure you will love this tale. If you love the old west, you will love this rare find. As if pulled by the very hands of time you will be swept up and taken back to a time when life was perhaps simpler yet rough and hard. The author weaves a story so vivid in your mind that you feel as if you are there, partaking in all the action, as if you are a personal companion to each of the characters, living out every detail, a part of the story. This tale is a coming of age sage for a young man, virtually forced into maturity before being rescued and allowed to develop in good time. This story and style bring to mind a couple of coming of age novels by the legendary Louis L'amour; "Tucker" and "Down The Long Hills". Its not every day a young man faces such hard lessons and comes out victorious. An excellent read, I eagerly await the next novel in what I hope is a long and imaginative career as an author.

Lyndsay A.

Search for Yesterday takes you back in time to when times were simpler. Or so you think. Kid, the main character, lives a life of mystery, adventure, and romance at such a young age. Anybody can relate to Kid from a teenager to adult. The one thing this book will leave you is waiting for the author's next book in the series. I'm excited for the next one! Can only imagine you will love Search for Yesterday as much as I did.

Alan S.

This book is truly amazing, I honestly have never read a book, that took me right into the adventure with the characters.
The imagination of Quinn is crazy, its like he lived Kids life way back the in the West. How he described the scenery and the animals with so much detail like he was painting a picture in front of you. It left me wanting more, and I can't wait for a sequel. Search for Yesterday would be an awesome movie.

Susan B.

Although the beginning was a little slow to me, by the time I got to the end of this book, I was hooked. The story is suitable for all ages doesn't depend on graphic sex or ugly language to get your attention. I totally enjoyed it and cannot wait for Quinn's next publication.


Search for Yesterday overwhelmed me at first with the amount of detail in the first couple of chapters. I had many things to read and decided I would not finish the book. However, I chose to read it while doing my morning work out at the gym. Each day I became more entranced with the challenges and blessings of "Kid". When I reached the last 120 pages, I had to stop everything and just finish the book. Now I cannot wait to find out what "Kid" will encounter in his next adventure. I've never read this type of novel before and that might be my struggle with the first couple of chapters. Having overcome that stumbling block I came to point where I felt I was there at the Double H ranch exploring the history of the American West! I highly recommend this first adventure and look forward to the continuing story created by Quinn Heder.

David Z.

Great Read!!! I am a 59 year old blue collar worker and enjoy Louis L'Amour’s action style. Louie has nothing on Quinn. This book captured me completely bringing me back to the old west with the picturesque landscape, where folks made due with what they had. There is not as much fighting, blood and gun battles at every turn as in other western novels I have read, rather an equal amount of action and mystery with enough adventure and romance that kept me wanting more. At the same time building good moral values while teaching this young man (the Kid) right from wrong. This is one of those books that could be made into a TV miniseries! I recommend this book for readers of all ages. I would give it 100% thumbs up, as this was one of the better reads I have enjoyed.


I was captured from the beginning by Mr. Heder's eloquence. Loved being reminded of the hard life the pioneers led. A must read for all. Beautiful writing, wonderful story. Hopefully, Mr. Heder will continue the story of Kid and Gina in a future novel.

Roger B.

A superb new telling of tale of the old American west. Realistic yet romantic. Excellent detailed descriptions of the country, the people, the institutions (military, cattle, homesteader, native, etc.), and the times. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I admire the author for his story-telling and descriptive abilities.


I found Search for Yesterday a compelling read full of adventure and intrigue that has me wanting more. Heder has brought his story to life in a way that lives on the imagination long after the final page. I can't wait for his next novel!

Mike H.

First book that I've read that stayed on my mind throughout the day anticipating which direction it was going to take. Each scenario i thought up was greatly surpassed when I had the few moments again to read. I am eagerly waiting for the next chapters.

Phyllis W.

Heder began Search for Yesterday with Kid immediately searching for his yesterday. The story is interesting right from the beginning. As Kid goes through his search for his true identity, he grows and develops strong ethical traits which had me checking my own. The 'time travel' that Heder takes us through, takes us back to a beautiful place and to an interesting historical time. I was left hungry for the next book from Heder!


I particularly liked the beauty of the descriptive landscapes and all of the frontier dialogues. Written by a true outdoorsman from the perspective of a teenage boy with a compelling story and enough surprising twists and turns to keep your interest all the way to the end. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and will be looking to read more books by Quinn Heder.

Mrs. Ditto

I recently re-read Search For Yesterday and enjoyed it more the second time.. The first time I sort of "speed read" seeking what was going to happen next to THE KID . This time I thoughtfully read and at a slower pace I was entertained by the descriptive way each character and happening was introduced. Sometimes I became KID as he wondered if he had ever done before the things he was learning to do over. I am now eager to read the sequels and hope that Mr. Heder still writes with his enthusiasm like before.

Chris H.

Loved this book! As an avid historical fiction reader, who is very familiar with pioneer history, but not so well-read on western expansion in general, I appreciated being immersed in a time of cattle drives, outlaws and the Wild West. Lots of fresh, creative details and story lines, and I couldn't put it down. The characters are so well developed that an immediate attachment is formed and the end comes too soon!Funny story - the only time my 15-year old son had time to read was in the morning waiting for the bus. I have a great memory of him at 6am, intently reading this book while shoveling in a bowl of Cheerios, trying to turn one more page before the bus arrived. He loved it! Heard a rumor that the sequel is coming - can't wait!

Terron J.

Search for Yesterday started with a lot of tension, but then I have to admit that the tension disappeared until about halfway through the novel. So why did I keep reading? Because Quinn captured my attention with his writing alone. The characters' voices were unique and applicable, and I had a very strong visual of every place they traveled. Very well done!


A great read! Really detailed to where you feel you are part of the story-line. Cute character development and a great lead into the next book.


This book leaves you wishing for a chance to ride the open range, work from sunup to sundown, and go hunt a little dinner. The story was told in beautiful fashion, leaving you wanting for more and the chance to continue to cheer the hero on.

Linda H.

I give it 5 stars and here are the reasons why:
1. Easy , enjoyable read .
2. I was immediately transported into the era. I could picture the majestic landscape.
3. I cared about the characters . I could relate to the personalities and circumstances . I couldn't wait to keep reading .
4. I found the theme of the book relevant to a universal longing we all have to belong .
5. I could picture this book made into a movie .

A. Wilde

This book was amazing! I read this while I was recovering from a concussion and I couldn't put it down! He had a great plot along with very colorful characters. I would recommend this book to anyone over the age of 12.

Jennifer H.

This was a great read!! The story was very engaging with a intriguing and interesting plot. It was very well written and the story flowed smoothly. The best thing about this book is that it appeals to all ages. When the book ended it left me wanting more!! Can not wait for his next book.


I liked this captivating western book. There was plenty of action, and the characters were well developed and easy to love.

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