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Quinn's Books

A brief overview of each of Quinn Heder's published works


Search for Yesterday

Set in the late 1860s, a teen boy wakes to find himself buried beneath a burnt home. With no memory of where or who he is, he digs his way out, only to discover a horrifying reality awaiting him. He sets off on a determined quest to find his past, certain that his Search for Yesterday will restore his lost sense of identity.

As he’s taken in by the Halladay family, Kid finds belonging as they accept him as one of their own. With his trusty hatchet and loyal hawk, he saves family members from kidnappings and run-ins with Indians. But when greed around discovered treasure gives birth to betrayal, it threatens to destroy everything he and his new family have fought to build, forcing Kid to choose between life and love.

Join Kid on his adventure-filled, heartwarming Search for Yesterday, and learn with him why life is meant to be lived with eyes directed forward rather than back, and that who we truly are is defined much more by what we do today, than by what we did yesterday.

Deacon Wells: Refuse

At the end of Search for Yesterday, ‘Kid’ mentions an uncle who he’s sure will be searching for him. That uncle is Deacon Wells… and this is his story.

When their father disappears and mother dies, child siblings Rose and David Wells face the cruel streets of 1844 Buffalo, New York. Daring to dream beyond their wretched circumstance, they escape a brutal slave master, and changing their names to Deacon and Marie Hickman, begin a new life on the shores of Lake Erie in the care and nurture of Ken and Lorna Hunsaker.

In this heartwarming, action-packed tale of trial and triumph, Deacon grows from boyhood into the beginnings of a remarkable man. Within his story, answers to some of the mysteries surrounding ‘Kid’ from Search for Yesterday are also revealed.

Marie marries while still a teen and gives birth to a son, Cole, with whom Deacon forms a deep bond. Grow with Deacon through the ups and downs of adolescence, while at the same time learning Kid’s backstory, including how he learned to throw a hatchet and what went into making him the lovable boy we came to know in Search for Yesterday.

In time, Marie and her husband move their young family to Missouri, leaving Deacon to struggle against a world of growing turmoil. Sinister designs of a wealthy speculator by the name of Dan Calhoon suck Deacon into a torrent of lies, coercion and murder, threatening his entire existence. With no law to intervene, Deacon is left with two options…

One option will brand him a killer.

DW refuse (2).jpeg

Deacon Wells: Into a Fickle Wind

Can Deacon finally outrun a fate bent on squashing his dreams?


Leaving the only home he’s ever known, he is hoping to do just that.

On the Royal S Horse Ranch in southern Pennsylvania, new friends and the unexpected mentorship of a renowned trainer has everything looking up for Deacon. Rising swiftly prominent, he finds his burgeoning life and career threatened by unsavory forces. Envy, distrust, resentment and scandal lead to ultimate betrayal, but in the midst of it all, Deacon dreams of finding the beautiful stranger who left him unconscious in the Allegheny Mountains. But first, he’ll have to survive… and to survive, he must be willing to kill a man he once admired—even loved.

Guns, hatchets, swords and fists all come into play in this fast-paced, thrilling, emotionally gripping adventure of family, friendship, heartache and romance. What price is Deacon willing to pay to preserve his new life? Will he squeeze the trigger on one friend to save another? But then, who will save him?

Deacon Wells: Trail of The Damned

On death’s door, broken, bleeding and wracked with pneumonia, Deacon believes his race to save loved ones is thwarted, but by the healing hands of a legless stranger, he is miraculously delivered.

What will he do with a second chance at life? … At friendship? … At love?

Accompanied by Tim Finlinson and Dillan McCall, Deacon resumes his race to save his family, but when he finds only a collapsed chimney and charred rubble where the Lambert home had once stood, grief
consumes him. Soon after, however, one of the grave markers left by Ben Halliday, provides consolation and new hope; Cole is alive!

Deacon swears vengeance on Dan Calhoon, but a crumpled note instantly changes his vendetta to a mission of salvation instead. He must find Cole before Calhoon does!

In this dramatic conclusion of the Deacon Wells Series, new characters collide with old, both prominent and obscure, including names readers will remember from Search For Yesterday, resulting in a chaotic blend of backgrounds, personalities and agendas, all destined toward a single, thrilling end in the mountains of southern Colorado.

Who is redeemed?

Who falls in love? … And with whom?

Who lives and who dies? … And how?

Who will reach Cole Lambert first?

Ultimately… will Deacon’s miraculous healing be enough to save him? Or… will he find himself damned by the trail he is compelled to ride?


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